The yentafo noodle restaurant that selected only premium ingredient for the customers. The restaurant makes variety menu, Thai and international dish with best ingredient.

Fish Balls

The white smooth round shape fish balls with fried garlic looking so yummy. The smell of the garlic makes you feel more appetizing. The bouncing texture is the feeling since you get the first bite at the fish balls. The sour green sauce makes the fish ball more interesting.

Singapore Chicken Rice

This dish is different from our Thai chicken rice as this is the traditional Singaporean recipe. The yellow rice made from turmeric powder and ginger are one of the few herbal ingredient put while cooking the rice. The big chicken thigh part is selected to be in the dish. The homemade sauce make freshly at the restaurant.

Yentafo Noodle with Fish Balls

This could be the highlight menu as the name of the restaurant named after this menu. In the bowl, you can find fish balls, vegetable balls, fish sausage, boil egg, crispy wontons, mushroom and morning glory. The special is the homemade pink sauce that will make you addicted. The big size flour noodle also soft and chewy.

Tom Yam Noodle with Shrimps

The 3 giant size shrimps in the flavory tom yam soup. The topping near the giants shrimp is the boil onsen egg. The sweet, sour and chili creamy sauce which is tom yam signature will make you fall in love the tom yam again and again.

Sirloin Steak

The beef steak with the best part, sirloin. Some fat on the beef makes the meat more juicy after grill. The herbal amora make the dish smell more appetizing. The steak also serve with french fried and big portion of salad.


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