The traditional old restaurant that open for more than 30 years and passed this amazing recipe for 2nd generation and the variety kind of sauces for you to choose.

Crispy Pork with Rice

The recommended menu which is named of the restaurant. The secret herbal sauce that soak in the pork before put the pork in other oven process make the meat taste better and sweeter. The pork divided into 2 parts the soft part with herbal sweet taste and crispy part in 1 piece. There are also 2 styles of sauce for you to choose. The black sauce and the red pork.

Stew Pork Leg with Rice

The main source of the protein and collagen. This is the recommended dish for those love fat and gelatin. The bouncing piece of stew pork with fat and gelatin easily melt into your month. The dish also come with boil egg and pickle that help make balance the taste. The sour sauce also help the dish taste even better.

Baked Chicken with Rice

The big piece of chicken all over the dish, you hardly find the rice. The brown color of chicken skin and white meat look savoury. The chicken surprisingly soft and juicy then it appearance. The dish is perfect eat with black sauce and the soybean paste.   

Roasted Duck with Rice

The roasted duck with thin crispy orange-brown skin on the top of the rice looks so yummy. The duck is soft and easy to eat with natural sweet taste, you can complete the dish with just a few minutes. There are also 3 kinds of sauces for you to choose chilli-soy sauce, sour sauce and orange color sauce.

Steam Chicken with Rice

Or mostly know as chicken rice is very famous menu. However, the white chicken with soft texture and light juicy skin is the best.



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