If you live on Phuket island, food will never be a problem. It’s everywhere, cheap if you are on budget, sophisticated when you need it.

Occasionally you will be so busy or sick or for some reason, unable to go out or to send someone to get some lunch or dinner. Or maybe you are plain lazy and there is nothing wrong about it. We were a bit of all the above, super lazy, super busy and there is no street food near our house. That’s when WeServe gets handy!

WeServe is connected to large collection of restaurants around the island. Check the well illustrated online the menu, order and a driver will deliver the food at your door.

We tried WeServe a couple of times and it works really well and in each case, the food was still hot when it arrived. Of course it takes a little longer but actually it is quite fast considering that you don’t have to go. Of course when you pick a restaurant, try to select one nearby if you want your dinner faster. You can choose from one of the many restaurants listed by type of cuisine, or use their recommendations. The interface is very well designed and someone calls you straight away in a good English to confirm your order (so you know it is actually on the way!)

You can choose to pay cash or by credit card. Website is in Thai, English and Chinese, well designed, well illustrated and very easy to use.

ที่มา : https://www.phuket101.net/phuket-online-services/

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